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Delivery Service

Delivery Service

Are you in need of a product that you just can’t handle yourself? Or maybe, you just don’t have a truck to use? Don’t Fear, that’s why we are here!! We can pick up or deliver your needs from our ‘driveway’ to yours, all year long…and no matter the cause! Delivery Charges will vary depending on the amount of labor required and the distance from our driveway to yours.

Standard Delivery Charge:

This $39.00 charge is for deliveries that are up to 25 miles away from our store and requires the driver to carry bags no further than 20 feet off of the trucks tailgate.

This also only includes delivery for the first ton or pallet being delivered. There will be an additional $24.00 charge for any additional tons or pallets being delivered in the same trip. (We typically can do up to four tons in one trip.)

Example of Standard Delivery Charge: If you are having two tons of wood pellets delivered, you would pay $39.00 for the first ton you purchase to have delivered, and an additional $24.00 for the second ton delivered all in the same trip. If you have additional deliveries done in the future, the charges would reflect the same amounts…they would not “start” at $24 because you had deliveries in the past.

Special Handling Delivery Charge:

This $25.00 charge comes into effect when deliveries exceed a distance of 25 miles from our store.

This fee will also be applied to deliveries requiring products to be carried further than 20 feet off of the trucks tailgate, or if they have to go up and down flights of stairs.

Example of Special Handling Delivery Charge: If you have a ton of wood pellets delivered and you require the driver to carry them through your garage, down a flight of stairs into your basement or crawlspace—this charge would be applied to your original delivery charge, for each ton delivered.

Convenience Delivery Charge:

This $25.00 Delivery Charge is offered for deliveries that are under 10 miles from our store and weigh less than 500 pounds.

Example of Convenience Delivery Charge: This $25.00 charge is offered for deliveries that are under 10 miles from our store and weigh less than 500 pounds. This delivery charge would apply to items such as a picnic table, fire pit, or smaller loads of mulch or fertilizer that are going ‘just around the corner.’

Roundtrip Pick Up & Delivery Service for Power Equipment Repairs:

Last but not least, we also offer roundtrip pickups and deliveries of your snow blower, roto-tiller, or lawn tractor. This charge will also vary according to the distance they must travel, and the size or type of power equipment they are picking up and returning to you.

  • A $59.00 roundtrip charge will be required for all push mowers, rototillers, and snow blowers.
  • An $89.00 roundtrip charge will be required for all riding tractors, and zero turn lawn tractors

(These prices do not include anything other than pick-up and delivery upon payment for services rendered.)  

Please Note:

  • We Reserve the Right to Limit and or Refuse Deliveries.
  • Deliveries are done on a first come, first serve basis, and are only available certain days of the week.

Feel free to give us a call for more information or a personalized price quote for your specific delivery needs!

You can reach us at:

Owego Store: (607) 687-4115 

Endicott Store: (607) 754-6660

We are open 7 days a week! Check out the Home Page of our Website to find our Daily Hours.