Nature's Own Not-Rawhide Beef Roll

Best Buy Bones

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For almost three decades, Best Buy Bones, a family owned and operated company from the heartland of America, has been making natural dog treats and chews. Our line of Nature’s Own Pet Chews® premium treats and chews are made in the USA with no artificial additives, chemicals, or preservatives. Our beef, lamb, pork and poultry treats are made with USDA approved raw materials and cooked under strict supervision to maintain consistent quality and safety.


❖ Best Buy Bones NOT-RAWHIDE Beef Chips, NOT-RAWHIDE Beef Roll, NOT-RAWHIDE Donut (Puffed Ear Drum), NOTRAWHIDE Steak (Beef Snout), NOT-RAWHIDE Beef Chunks - 5 Pc. Bagged Treats, NOT-RAWHIDE Moo Cheeks 8 oz. Bag Treats, NOT-RAWHIDE Roll-E-Os - 6 Pc. Bagged Treats, and our Cow Ears are all Great Rawhide Alternatives.

❖ All of these products are only sourced from the face and head of the beef cattle and are finished with a minimal amount of processing. Once rendered, these products are cleaned and dried/baked, removing virtually all moisture to provide the product with a stable shelf l

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