Eaton Cooper Wiring Yellow Plugs/connector 15A 125V


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Maximum cord diameter is 7/16".
Cord clamp relieves strain on wiring terminals.
Terminals accept up to No. 16-3 grounding wire.
Tough, long lasting vinyl resists abrasion, grease, oil and acids.
Meets all UL498 requirements.
Solid brass plug blades are firmly embedded in body.
Terminal screw clamps are designed to contain wire and prevent binding.
Terminal screws backed out- ready for wiring.
Terminals in individual chambers to positively insulate conductors.
Vinyl angle plugs have eight possible positions for maximum convenience.
Nylon Kwiklok features patented twist-actuated cord clamp- reduces installation time.
Combination slot/Phillips head terminal, assembly, and clamping screws ease installation with power screwdrivers.