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At Owego and Endicott Agway we carry just about everything you could need to keep your pets happy and healthy! It is important for us to ensure a quick, easy, one-stop-shop for all your pet needs! We carry all the best brands of dog and cat food—including basic, grain-free and holistic options to suit almost any need; from brands you TRUST like Hill’s® Science Diet®, Nutro®, Blue Buffalo® Under the Sun®, Pro Plan®, Canidae® & More!

We also make Pet ID Tags in as little as 5 minutes…on site so you never have to worry about losing your furry friends!

Not only can you find pet foods here, we also carry a large variety of dog and cat supplies such as:

  • Beds
  • Bowls-Including Travel Bowls 
  • Bones-Including Filled & Meaty Varieties 
  • Bully Sticks 
  • Cat Food, Toys & Treats 
  • Cat Litter
  • Cat Litter Pans (Including Hooded Versions) 
  • Crates & Carriers 
  • Collars, Harnesses, & Leashes (Including Retractable Leashes) for dogs & cats 
  • Gentle Leader 
  • De-wormers for Cats & Dogs (Including a Homeopathic version that is all natural) 
  • Dental Bones from brands you trust like Greenies®, Nylabone®, Benebone® & More! 
  • Dog Food, Toys & Treats 
  • Dog & Cat Food Storage Containers 
  • Ear Cleaning Products for Cats & Dogs (Including Ear Mite Treatment Products) 
  • Flea & Tick Treatment Products for Pets Including:

        -Advantage® for Cats 
        -Advantix II® for Dogs 
        -BioSpot® (Carried at the Endicott Store Only) 
        -Frontline Plus® for Cats & Dogs 
        -Seresto® Collars for Cats & Dogs 
        -PetLock® Plus for Cats & Dogs (A generic version of Frontline -Plus®)
        -PetLock® Max for Cats & Dogs (A generic version of Advantix II®) 
        -Zodiac® for Cats & Dogs 
        -As well as, All Natural Flea & Tick Treatments from Natural Chemistry®

  • We Also Carry a Large Assortment of Flea & Tick Treatment Products for Household & Yard Use! 
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin Supplements for Dogs & Cats 
  • Gravity Feeders & Waterers for Dogs & Cats 
  • Grooming Tools & Supplies-Including: 

        -Brushes & Combs 
        -Wahl® Clippers 
        -Nail Trimmers 
        -Undercoat Rakes
        -Shampoos & Conditioners…. & More!

  • Hairball Prevention Products for Cats 
  • Pet Health Products such as: 

        -Eye Wipes 
        -Ear Wipes 
        -Cosequin for Cats & Dogs
        -Hip & Joint Tablets 
        -Medicated Anti-Itch Sprays and creams…and more!

  • Puppy Pads for Housebreaking 
  • Milk Replacer & Bottles for Kittens & Puppies 
  • Tick Removing Tools for Cats & Dogs 
  • Stain & Odor Removal Products for pet accidents 

....just to name some of the awesome variety of pet products we carry!

Don’t forget your Small Animal Friends! We carry a large variety of products for them as well!

  • Chinchilla Food, Treats, & Dust Bath Powder as well as Dust Bath Houses 
  • Ferret Food & Treats 
  • Hamster & Gerbil Food & Treats 
  • Guinea Pig Food & Treats 
  • Rabbit Food & Treats 
  • Bedding & Litter for all small animal species-including pine shavings & paper bedding products 
  • Cages 
  • Salt Spools & Hangers 
  • Small Animal Toys-Including Run-About-Balls & Toys to hang in their cage for entertainment 
  • Small Animal Harnesses 
  • Small Animal Grooming Supplies-Including Shampoo Sprays, Nail Clippers, & Brushes
  • Small Animal Litter Training Supplies-Including Litter Pans & Training Litters 
  • Vitamin Drops 

.....and More! :)

We also carry a selection of Domestic Bird Foods & Treats from brands you trust like Kaytee®, Sunseed®, and Zupreem®! As well as Toys & Treats to keep your birds happy and healthy! 

We didn’t forget your Aquarium Fish. We stock fish foods from brands like Tetra® and Wardley®, as well as gravel, fishnets, water treatment products to make tap-water safe for your fish…including betta specific treatments & ICK treatment drops for when they get sick.

The only things we don’t provide for aquariums are the actual aquariums, stands, filters or temperature gauges. 

We even have food for your pet turtle!! 

Click Here to Check out the Pet Products we carry in Our Online Catalog.

As pet owners, we don’t always realize items found in our homes can be harmful or deadly to our four-legged and feathered friends! Click Here and take a moment to read the ‘Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners.’

Just think of us as your one-stop-shop for all your pet’s needs!! Stop in at either Location! You will be glad you did!!! :)

Or Feel free to call us with any questions you may have. 

You can reach us at:

Owego Store: 607-687-4115 

Endicott Store: 607-754-6660

We are Open 7 Days a Week! Check out the Home Page of our Website to find our Daily Hours.