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Bird-X® Plastic Animal & Bird Repellent Spikes (10 Foot Length) 

  • UPC: 706069158910
  • Manufacturer: Bird-x
  • Model Number: SP-10-NR

These Plastic Spikes are constructed of polycarbonate plastic and come in a 10 foot length. They STOP Bird Infestations! They are durable and can be used on buildings and structures to eliminate roosting and nesting habits of birds. The spikes are not lethal, just intimidating, irritating, and uninviting. They are light-weight and provide a low-profile to keep birds OFF your property. The flexible base allows for the spikes to be installed on curved surfaces using nails, glue or even ties. They are maintenance free; will not corrode or decay. They also will prevent climbing animals from entering. 

*This Specific Product is Currently Only Stocked at the Endicott Store. 

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