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Luster Leaf® Rapitest® Stainless Steel--Dial Compost Thermometer

Luster Leaf® Rapitest® Stainless Steel--Dial Compost Thermometer

  • UPC: 035307016355
  • Manufacturer: Luster Leaf Inc
  • SKU: 87401635
  • Model Number: LUS1635

This Easy-to-Read, 19 Inch, Stainless Steel, Dial Compost Thermometer is a great way to tell whether or not your compost is breaking down correctly. It's dial reads in Fahrenheit from 0º to 220º. It also reads in Celsius from -17.8º to 104.4º. This is an easy way to make sure the temperature in your compost pile is correct, as temperature plays an important role in the composting process. Within two weeks, a properly made compost pile should reach these temperatures. 

*This Product is Currently Only Stocked at the Owego Store. 

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