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JT Eaton® “Jawz”™ Snap Trap for Rats & Chipmunks

JT Eaton® “Jawz”™ Snap Trap for Rats & Chipmunks

  • SKU: 97023716
  • Model Number: 410

This trap is SUPER easy to set, and works GREAT for Chipmunks and Rats. It allows for easy disposal of the dead rodent and uses no harmful chemicals, poisons, fumes, or odor. 

  • Easy To Set Rat Trap Also Traps Chipmunks
  • Allows For Easy Disposal Of The Dead Rodent
  • Provides The Solid Construction Reliability, Quality And Low Price
  • Without Harmful Chemicals, Poisons, Fumes Or Odors
  • Heavy-Duty Construction With Adjustable Trigger Setting
  • Can Be Used Again And Again

*This Specific Trap is Currently Only Stocked at the Owego Store. 

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