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  • Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
  • SKU: 10000972
  • Model Number: C-500

The Model C-500 is a very powerful de-icer for its size. Its 500 watts of power dictates it can be used in any application where the quantity of water does not exceed 50 gallons.

It features Farm Innovators Cast Aluminum Design, which makes it safe in any application, metal or plastic.

The C-500 is a perfect product for mid-sized livestock watering tanks. Its small size and high watt out-put makes it the ultimate utility de-icer for any job where a full sized de-icer is too much. 

*Please call ahead to check availability as this is a Seasonal Product. 

  • UPC: 085045002004
  • Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
  • SKU: 10001470
  • Model Number: PS-200

Designed to keep a vent hole open in ice to release harmful gasses caused by plant decay and fish waste. At 200 watts of power, this unit is very energy efficient and uses much less electricity. 

*Please call ahead to check availability as this is a Seasonal Product. 

  • UPC: 022102088106
  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision
  • SKU: 40003557
  • Model Number: 88R

This may be used with a floating, sinking, or 2-in-1 de-icer. It is specifically designed to protect rubber, plastic or foam tanks. 

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