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  • UPC: 072477986019
  • SKU: 94303004
  • Model Number: FR10B

Effectively Removes Pesky Flying Insects Like Flies, Bees, Wasps, Moths And Gnats. No Pollution, No Fumes Or Chemical Odor. Contains 10 Ribbons.

  • SKU: 40633159
  • Model Number: 01-7451-0202

This is specifically designed for use in small backyard flocks. It is formulated for use on chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other domestic poultry and waterfowl. It is suitable for chicks and even for use in adult birds. Supports hydration and other stresses.

Made in the USA!

  • UPC: 855297003339
  • Manufacturer: Happy Hen Treats
  • SKU: 40698890
  • Model Number: 089-17021

These leg bands make identifying your chickens easy! These can be used to indicate a difference in age or breed of your various chickens/poultry birds. They are also beneficial to keep track of various medications and more! Each pack includes 24 assorted bands that come in three different colors.

Made in the USA!

  • UPC: 843635012624
  • Manufacturer: Harris Farms LLC.
  • SKU: 21281262
  • Model Number: 1262

Two screw-in style poultry watering cups. These are perfect to create your own hygienic waterer from your desired water source. Typically these are used with a plastic container or Pvc Pipe. The way the cups operate water will only be released when the chickens drink from them. One cup accommodates up to 5 chickens. 

These are best used with a gravity flow system-not connected to a pressure water supply. They are designed to support being mounted both on the side, or bottom of your choice of a bucket or pvc lines. 

  • UPC: 745801068001
  • Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care
  • SKU: 40698882
  • Model Number: 001-06800

Strike III™ can be used as an aid in the control of infections and intestinal parasites such as large roundworms, cecal worms, and capillary worms. It is ideal for use in small flocks and backyard birds. The package includes a scoop for easy dosing and mixing in feed. The best thing about this is there is no withholding required for eggs! Made in the USA.

  • Manufacturer: Nutrena
  • SKU: 95234

A complete medicated feed for starting and growing pigs.

Country Feeds™ Starter/Grower pig feed has the vitamins and minerals needed to help baby pigs get a good start on life. Young pigs’ digestive systems are still developing, and using whey protein in the starter/grower ration increases palatability and provides an easily digested energy source

19% Protein   4% Fat   5% Fiber

Pellet Formula   Medicated with Carbadox (25g/ton)

  • UPC: 077784055045
  • SKU: 96521090
  • Model Number: 5504

Displays relative humidity and temperature. Hangs or stands. Updated contemporary styling. For any room in the home. Accurate from 20 degrees fahrenheit to 120 degrees fahrenheit and 10 to 80 percent humidity.

  • UPC: 058633101045
  • Manufacturer: Absorbent Specialty Products, LLC
  • SKU: 11403029

Red Lake® Food Grade-Diatomaceous Earth is ORMI listed for use in organic production and registered for use as an anti-caking agent. It is safe and does not contain any anti-biotics or harmful chemicals. It has also been approved by the EPA for use as a natural insecticide that can be used both inside and outside! 

The benefits include: Reduced manure odor, Improved Feed Conversion & is an anti-caking agent. It has been used in dairy, beef, poultry, equine, bison, sheep, goats, ratite and even in pet food diets with postitive results! 

  • UPC: 646950721017
  • Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care
  • SKU: 40698896
  • Model Number: 038-72101

Non-stinging formula made with tea tree oil. All natural, made with natures best antisepctic and healing ingredients. It is safe and soothing for open wounds and abrasions.

Made in the USA.

Pure Tea Tree Oil, Comfrey, Myrrh, Goldenseal and Aloe Vera

  • UPC: 084369007306
  • SKU: 10030666
  • Model Number: 730

Base features a narrow channel designed specifically for smaller birds. Fits the #690 quart jar.

  • UPC: 095668020316
  • Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp
  • SKU: 40039008
  • Model Number: 05-0203-5299

Manna Pro® Poultry Protector helps protect both your flock and your coop from mites, lice, fleas, and ticks. It is an all natural, and non-toxic product that is a safe alternative to harsh chemical treatments. It helps reduce stress as well as taking care of these unwanted pests. Made in the USA.

All Natural Enzymes From Plants, Trace Minerals. Environmentally Safe For All Birds, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, and Chemical Free

  • UPC: 046938020017
  • SKU: 40034923
  • Model Number: VET-PY-2Z-X

Effective relief from respiratory disease, CRD, Croup, Scaley Legs Mites, and Favus Eye Worm. This can be used for all poultry species including ducks, turkeys, geese, and game birds. It will not stain feathers!

Made in the USA!

  • UPC: 098453179152
  • Manufacturer: Prozap
  • SKU: 40098202
  • Model Number: 048-1499530

For use on Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Horses, Swine, Poultry, Dogs, Cats and also can be used to treat livestock premises and homes. Controls Lice, Flies, Fleas, and Ticks. Can be applied directly to the animals as well as their bedding and premises. 

Made in the USA. 

*This is Currently Only Stocked at the Owego Store. 

  • UPC: 616368403799
  • SKU: 40633162
  • Model Number: 01-7403-0203

Sav-A-Chick™ Probiotics are designed specifically for small backyard flocks. Formulated specifically for chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other domestic poultry. It is suitable not only for chicks, but also can be used for adult birds. This promotes healthy digestion by supporting a more diverse population of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Made in the USA.

Maltodextrin, Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Sodium Silico Aluminate

  • UPC: 086621123021
  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care
  • SKU: 40276359
  • Model Number: 12302

Swat® fly repellent ointment can be used for dogs, horses and ponys to treat superficial wounds, abrasions, sores and scratches. It protects wounds, open sores & more from dirt, filth, and disease-carrying flies. It is made from a botanically-derived pyrethrin formula that will repel house flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies---also killing them on contact! It is ideal for use on ears and facial areas. Long-lasting, effective for hours. 

Made in the USA. 

  • UPC: 086621017603
  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care
  • SKU: 40528542
  • Model Number: 3002431

Sweat-resistant fly spray for horses. Insecticide/repellent/sunscreen formula provides repellency, quick knock-down and long lasting protection from flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Repels and kills deer ticks that may transmit lyme disease. Provides up to 14 days of fly control. Unique formulation stays active and keeps working even in wet conditions and when the horse sweats. The special sun-screening agent in this product protects against both forms of the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays.

  • UPC: 086621023284
  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care
  • SKU: 40274845
  • Model Number: 14433312

This product has all the same great product qualities of the original Bronco spray with the addition of a new formula. Contains Prallethrin, a proven, effective synthetic substitute for natural Pyrethrin. Prallethrin is exclusive to Farnam for use in equine products. The exclusive Bronco "e" formula repels and kills six fly species, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and ticks.

*Please call ahead to check availability as this is a seasonal product. 

  • UPC: 084369006903
  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • SKU: 10030669
  • Model Number: 690

The Little Giant 1 quart plastic screw-on jar is molded from durable, transparent polyethylene so the water level is always visible. Jar can be combined with any quart size feeder or waterer base. This would be perfect for baby chicks or for a smaller flock of birds. 

Made in the USA. 

  • UPC: 084369007405
  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • SKU: 10030668
  • Model Number: 740

Combine this screw-on waterer base with a 1 Quart Screw-On Feeder or Waterer (Sold Separately) to create a gravity-feed waterer for chicks. This can also be used with a standard quart sized mason jar if you so choose. Red color will help attract birds. 

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