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ORFORD wood pellets are a superior choice. Made from 100% hardwood, these pellets will burn longer and cleaner in your wood pellet stove. ORFORD wood pellets are popular for its low ash content. It’s great for your pellet stove and requires less cleaning.

  • UPC: 077403034086
  • Manufacturer: Imperial Mfg Group Usa Inc
  • SKU: 95385752
  • Model Number: KK0324

Use the Chimfex® Chimney Fire Extinguisher to protect your home from Chimney Fires! It extinguishes the fire in Seconds!! 

  • CSIA Accepted 
  • Can be used for Wood Burning Heaters, as well as Fireplace Chimneys 
  • Easy To Use! 
  • Trusted by Professional Firefighters, Nationwide! 

This Product is Currently Only "Stocked" At the Owego Store. 

  • UPC: 041137024446
  • Manufacturer: Duraflame
  • SKU: 98464802
  • Model Number: 02444/45

Duraflame® firestart® firelighters are the fast, sure way to start a fire.  Paper-wrapped for clean handling, they light with just one match, and burn up to 30 minutes, long enough to start the most stubborn wood fire.

*This is Currently Only "Stocked" at the Owego Store. 

  • UPC: 041137004530
  • Manufacturer: Duraflame
  • SKU: 98464869
  • Model Number: 02453
  • 4 Firelighters Break Apart Easily And Ignite Quickly And Burn Up To 30 Minutes.
  • Long Enough To Start Stubborn Wood Fires
  • Clean And Easy To Light With Just One Match
  • Starts Fires Quickly & Easily
  • Using Quick Start Results In Faster And More Complete Ignition Of The Wood, Reducing Emissions Of Particulate Matter And Carbon Monoxide.
  • Composition:Blend Of Waxes And Renewable, Recycled Biomass Fiber

*This Specific Fire Starter is Currently Only "Stocked" At the Owego Store. 

  • UPC: 041137002031
  • SKU: 91952084
  • Model Number: 02903

Use a flue-renew® firelog every month during peak burning season, or one every 20-30 fires. 

  • Duraflame® flue-renew® firelogs are designed for use in wood-burning stoves (including wood stoves with catalytic converters), which typically have higher levels of creosote build-up.
  • They can also be used as a maintenance product for moderate to heavily-used open-hearth wood burning fireplaces.
  • DO NOT use with gas fireplaces, oil stoves, or pellet stoves.

This Product is Currently Only "Stocked" at the Owego Store. 

  • UPC: 023865099835
  • Manufacturer: Wood Products Int.
  • SKU: 05901610
  • Model Number: 09983
  • 100% all natural fire starter, harvested from the stumps of resinous pine trees.
  • Takes only two sticks to start a fire in your fireplace, barbecue, campfire, or woodstove.
  • No chemicals, no mess, no hassle!

*Fatwood products are Currently Only Stocked at the Owego Store. 


  • UPC: 022624191001
  • SKU: 3518132
  • Model Number: 100S
  • Controls soot build-up in chimneys
  • Helps prevent chimney fires
  • Creates colorful flames
  • Hands never touch ingredients
  • No measuring and no mess
  • Safe to use
  • Will not harm metal or masonry chimneys

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