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  • UPC: 810821021975
  • Manufacturer: The Clorox Company
  • SKU: 99802133
  • Model Number: 20001CSP

Slow-dissolving sanitizing tablets, For sparkling clear, odor-free water, Reduces growth of bacteria, Recommended for indoor spas, For use in spa floater.

  • UPC: 687695103683
  • Manufacturer: ClearView
  • SKU: 74250014
  • Model Number: CVDD016

ClearView Granular chlorine is stabilized 99% dichlor, that is quick dissolving and leaves no residue to clog filters.

Features:  99% dichlor, pH neutral, and quick dissolveing makes this the most universal chlorine product resulting in; No Film, or clogging of skimmers, filters, chlorinators. It also ensures safe, sanitary, sparkling water.

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