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  • SKU: 10200703
  • Model Number: 26640

Pelletized limestone offers you the best quality and value over pulverized and granular lime. Pellets are easy to spread with little dust. Water-activated pellets will break down into our finely pulverized limestone and begin working immediately after being exposed to moisture. Dolomitic lime adds calcium and magnesium, important nutrients missing from many fertilizers.

  • UPC: 756637291259
  • SKU: 10215372
  • Model Number: 11286

NEW formula! NOW with AST (Advanced Soil Technology). This Fast Acting Formula goes to work instantly when applied, and covers more square footage than a typical bag of lime does. One 25# Bag of Fast Acting™ Lime will Cover 5,000 Square Feet which is equal to 5 Bags of Standard Pelletized Lime. 

  • Raises soil pH.
  • Helps correct acidic soils.
  • Helps green up lawns.
  • Works instantly!

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