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  • UPC: 070183500277
  • Manufacturer: Round Up
  • SKU: 10200403
  • Model Number: 5002715

Kills Poison Ivy and Tough Brush! Kills the Roots! Guaranteed! Kills all types of tough weeds and brush including poison ivy, poison oak, kudzu, wild blackberries and other invasive weeds. Rainproof in 30 minutes for control that wont wash away. Exclusive Roundup Formula contains two of the best brush killing ingredients. Use on wooded lots and other areas where brush and tough weeds invade your yard.

*This size is currently only available at the Endicott Store. 

*Helpful tip when using this product---do not cut tough brush or poision ivy..etc. before spraying! You MUST spray the entire plant in order for complete kill of the plants. 

  • SKU: 99821182

This product is a non-selective herbicide that will kill any vegetation contacted. It enters plants through the leaves and moves down to the roots. This will ensure that the entire plant is eliminated. Avoid direct spray or drift onto desirable plants, lawn grasses, shrubs, and trees. Protect desirable plants and vegetation with a piece of plastic or cardboard. If desirable plants are accidentally sprayed, wash plants with water immediately. This product has no soil activity and thus will not affect nearby untreated plants.

  • UPC: 037321000242
  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • SKU: 10212814
  • Model Number: 024

An all purpose insecticide, miticide, fungicide for organic gardening. Derived from the Neem seed.

  • Neem oil is an excellent choice for use on virtually any plant, including roses, flowers, vegetables, herbs, spices, houseplants, trees, turf and shrubs.
  • Kills all stages of insects - eggs, larvae and adults.
  • Controls fungus such as blackspot, powdery mildew, rust, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies and other insect pests 
  • Makes a great dormant spray.

*This Specific Product is Currently Only Stocked at the Owego Store 

  • UPC: 070183500550
  • Manufacturer: SharkBite | Cash Acme
  • SKU: 10200990
  • Model Number: 5005510

Roundup® Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate Plus contains new FastAct™ Technology - gets results in just 24 hours! This amazing technology achieves complete root kill and superior weed control, guaranteed! The concentrate Plus is a great value with one pint making up to 5 gallons. Actively rain-proof in just 2 hours for control that won't wash away. Use in and around fences, trees, driveways, and flowerbeds. Nothing kills more weeds in more places. Not for sale in RI.

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