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Owego Agway and Endicott Agway

Please note: All items featured in this catalog may not be available at both locations ‐ but we would be more than happy to order them for you.

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  • UPC: 722304239923
  • Manufacturer: Record Rack
  • SKU: 45045000
  • Model Number: 45045

Record Rack® Super Premium sweet Deer Corn is an excellent source of energy for deer-and it is comprised of select, test-weight corn for high energy and high nutritional value. Double cleaned to remove foreign material and to remove dust. Also, this is tested to guarantee aflatoxin levels are less than 20 PPB. This is safe for all wildlife critters, including quail and other gamebirds. 

This can be hand-fed as an energy supplement, offered with natural forage, or as part of a balanced diet. 

*Currently this is only available at the Owego Agway. Stop in to pick up a bag, today! 

  • UPC: 018222001071
  • SKU: 06675105
  • Model Number: CS06107

Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets. Perfect for Birds, helps keep the Squirrels away! Can be fed alone or mixed with your favorite seed blend. Feed your birds the quality they deserve.

  • UPC: 018222001101
  • Manufacturer: C & S Wild Bird Products
  • SKU: 06649612
  • Model Number: CS06110

C&S Sunflower Suet Nuggets formulation has a high-energy fat base and is processed even further to produce a soft nugget that is appealing to suet, insect & fruit eating songbirds. They can be fed alone in C&S's specially designed feeders or mixed with your favorite seed.

  • UPC: 018222005260
  • SKU: 06667172
  • Model Number: CS06526

Rendered beef suet, peanuts, corn and raisins can be fed alone on a platform feeder or Nugget/Peanut feeder. Ideal when mixed with 5-10 lbs. of seed in a traditional feeder. Resealable bag.

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