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  • Manufacturer: Woodlink
  • SKU: 10213588
  • Model Number: NA6231

This Granary Style basic bird feeder provides an inexpensive, and functional way to feed. It comes in an assortment of eye-catching colors. Features a turn-top for easy filling and can be used as a hanging feeder or mounted on a pole.

  • Holds a capacity of 4#'s of Bird Seed. Comes in assorted colors.

  • UPC: 058115082510
  • Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation
  • SKU: 06620454
  • Model Number: HBW1

This Perky Pet® Window mount hummingbird feeder holds 6 ounces and features 3 feeding ports. It provides the ultimate experience for hummingbird enthusist. The window-mount design brings hummingbirds right up to your window. Listen closely and you will hear the familiar buzzing of wings, see their beautiful color and tiny features---all with the comfort of watching from inside. 

  • UPC: 078978245013
  • Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions
  • SKU: 40516022

This ant guard effectively repels ants from nectar feeders. Easily mount in-line with all hanging feeders (both Oriole & Hummingbird.) Attaches to the feeder with hooks both above and below. Should last one entire season. Uses permethrin-proven safe around birds, pets, and people.

Made in the USA. 

  • UPC: 047977005959
  • Manufacturer: Heritage Farms
  • SKU: 40046632
  • Model Number: NA5572/5572

This in-line ant guard bell keeps ants OFF nectar feeders! Simply attatch the top S hook to your hanger, and the bottom S hook to the feeder and you are ready to go! 


  • UPC: 021964801205
  • Manufacturer: Droll Yankees
  • SKU: 40343021
  • Model Number: HUM

This 9 Inch, curved brush design cleans the interior curves of hummingbird feeders, or bowl feeders. Also effectively cleans the ports on tubular feeders. The soft, flexible bristles will not scratch plastic either. 

  • UPC: 078978205406
  • Manufacturer: Edge Eyewear
  • SKU: 40513164
  • Model Number: 205Y

Quality replacement bee guards fit Perky Pet® four fountain feeders. 

  • UPC: 078978023000
  • Manufacturer: Edge Eyewear
  • SKU: 40513288
  • Model Number: 23T/23

This quality cleaning mop for healthier nectar feeding for hummingbird and oriole feeders. Fits inside all Perky Pet feeding bottles. 

  • UPC: 715038311010
  • Manufacturer: Audubon Wild Bird Solutions
  • SKU: 40850477
  • Model Number: NA13201

Use to deter ants and crawling insects from invading your nectar filled bird feeders. Insects crawl down the hanger and get trapped in the water. Made of durable plastic with metal hooks. 

Made in the USA 

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