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Propane Refills

Propane Refills

We can keep you warm and toasty in the winter,

Keep your laundry dry, and

Ensure that those prime-cut steaks get the

High-quality, delicious, grilled flavor your mouth is watering for!

Never let yourself run out of propane again!!!

At Owego and Endicott Agway we

Re-fill almost any portable, OPD valve propane tank

ranging from 5 pound tanks, all the way up to 100 pound tanks.

There are a few restrictions as far as what propane tanks we are able to fill--

*We cannot fill any Propane Tank that is not detachable.

(Such as RV tanks that do not come off of the vehicle.)

*100 Pound Propane Tanks must be your own personal tank.

Meaning it cannot have any stickers from Warner’s, Scott Smith & Son…etc.

*All 100 Pound Propane Tanks filled

At either the Owego or Endicott location

MUST be transported in an upright position.

If you cannot transport your tank standing upright,

Our employees cannot, and will not fill it!

We also, sell brand new tanks if you are in need of one!

New 20# (Gas Grill) Tanks

If you purchase a new 20# tank from us, it includes the first fill is included in the price!

This is the only tank we sell that includes the fill in the price!

And we also sell:

New 30# Tanks and New 40# Tanks

Stop in and see us at either location today!