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Ball® RealFruit® Flex-Batch Classic Pectin (4.7oz) 

Ball® RealFruit® Flex-Batch Classic Pectin (4.7oz) 

  • UPC: 014400710650
  • Manufacturer: Ball Packaging Solutions
  • SKU: 97069149

This flexible container perfect for multiple uses. It replaces 3-4 traditional boxes of pectin – a great value! Why pay for all the extra packaging of those other products?

With a little fruit, make fresh jam! Ball® Brand RealFruit™ Classic Flex Batch Pectin is perfect for making great-tasting traditional jams, now with a reduced-sugar recipe included. Make now & refrigerate or follow 3 simple steps to preserve.

Scalable recipe – make from 1-10 jars of jam per batch, up to 22 half-pint jars per package. 6 Tablespoons = 1 box of other pectin brands

Kosher certified

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