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Pot Toes(R) The Decksaver-Gray (12 Pack) 

Pot Toes(R) The Decksaver-Gray (12 Pack) 

  • UPC: 180629000435
  • SKU: 30122239

Pot toes are perfect for raising pots, planters and barrels off the surface of decks, porches, patios and any area around the home. Pot toes work for containers of any size, shape and weight up to 500 Pounds! 

12 Pot toes lift 4 Pots. 

Gardeners know that plant health improves with better drainage and air circulation. Pot toes lift your pots and containers off the surface allowing for improvement in both areas. They also are good for the container surface as well as the deck, patio, or floor surface as they prevent staining and rotting-all while making it easier to clean underneith. 

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