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Wooden "Bee Gone" Carpenter Bee Trap

  • UPC: 700604913262
  • SKU: 10219966
  • Model Number: QO-UUAA-AO6I

The ONLY proven effective means of Carpenter Bee control and eradication! Add just 1 Inch of Soda and 5 drops of dish soap to attract and kill hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets too! This product is handcrafted in Nicholasville, Kentucky with untreated pine lumber that is nailed and glued. Effectively eliminates carpenter wood bees and more while preventing damage to your home and other wooden structures. This trap has holes on all four sides. Once in, the wood bees fly down into the jar and are trapped inside the glass. Once the trap is full, simply empty it out and place back in it's original location. One trap will attract bees from up to 10-15 feet away. 

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