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Repel® Tick Defense™ (6.5Oz-Aerosol-Picaridin)  

Repel® Tick Defense™ (6.5Oz-Aerosol-Picaridin)  

  • UPC: 011423941382
  • SKU: 10215552
  • Model Number: HG-94138

Repels ticks and mosquitoes for up to 10 hours. Formulated with picaridin and works when sprayed on skin and can also be used on clothing! Spray on socks, cuffs, hats and other articles of clothing. Will not damage cotton, wool, nylon, acetate or spandex. Repels mosquitoes that may transmit Chikungunya virus, Zika Virus, Dengue virusk, and west nile virus


Active Ingredient: Picaridin 15% 

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